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Taste Aspen

What's Happening In Aspen

All the things you should taste in Aspen

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Who we are

and what we do

We want you to experience Aspen to the fullest

Don't miss out on any of the flavor

Our site is meant to be the place to entertain you, inform you and direct you to the best experiences in the Aspen area.  Be it an unforgettable meal, a wine tasting with an expert, a tour of one of our local farms, or the inside scoop on who should be doing your wedding or event.  Our years of experience in the valley will make it easy for your stay to be unforgettable. 

Founded by Rob Ittner past owner of several restaurant, Chef, Sommelier and food enthusiast.

We hope that this site will direct you to some great food and beverage experiences is this area.


Catering & Events

Need help finding the right people for your Party

We have the inside scoop as to who you should use

From Transportation to the Flowers. 

We can lead you in the right direction for all your event Needs

“Why take your chances with reviews and fancy advertisements, Ask the Experts” 

- Margie Barclay -

Fun to do in Aspen

We are the only site in Aspen that has the inside scoop on all the food events

Why just have your normal restaurant experience when visiting the Aspen area.

We are here to fine the experience that will be remembered for a lifetime

So check out our

List of Restaurants

Local Food Events


Special Experiences that are offered in the area


Contact Us / TEL: 970.948.7976

Let us know what Taste of Aspen you would like,

and how we can help make it happen

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